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FRIMA HP800 im Einsatz / FRIMA HP800 in operation

A new FRIMA HP800 in operation. See also the report at http://www.frima-emden.de/assets/files/presse/eng/BWI%20FRIMA%20new%20plant%20in%20russia.pdf

BMW 135i N54 Stage 3 Hydra Performance HP800 Turbo - Dyno 625hp / 815Nm @ 21psi

Dyno results https://imgur.com/gallery/tSS4nmm
topfueljunkie100 : How do you like the spool/time-to-torque when daily driving? Do they feel a tad bit lazy?

I've been trying to decide between these and the HP650s for my daily but it's hard when I don't know what they feel like with regards to turbo responsiveness.

Have you had a chance to compare them against the 650s and could you tell much difference in responsiveness? I know there's not much difference in boost threshold (300-400 rpm) but dynos don't tell you about the transient response, you need to feel it yourself.
William A : Was going to buy these turbos. Are your still running good? No smoking?
Almeida Claudio : Magnifique!!!! Quel kit embrayage tu as ? Salutations
Damien Browne : Is this 625hp at the crank or at the wheels?
Klaxz _ : How much power? And where do we order the hydra hp800?


#パズドラ #エレイン降臨 #イルミナ
#フェス限ヒロインガチャ #アヘニキ
アヘニキ : 次は何艦隊でやってほしい?w
ヒツジ, : 因みに転生イルミナもHP12000に攻撃力10000っていう化け物性能してるんよな()
くま : イルミナ艦隊はそりゃ強いよなぁ〜
シネマの世界線 : 意図せず周回パを作る男
タキ : 特攻商法を全力で楽しむのはすげぇ笑




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