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I Smell-Tested all 42 Little Tree Air Freshener scents

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Everyone knows those little tree car air fresheners... but which one is the best? And the worst? We wanted to find out, and it turns out they make over 40 different scents! So we bought every single one and smell tested all of them to find out. You're not supposed to take them all the way out of the bag but we did it anyway! This is the D-List!

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Wyatt Landrath : I can’t believe I watched a guy sniff air fresheners for 20 minutes
Mizar Martin : 3:05 - Vanillaroma
3:30 - Fresh shave
3:42 - New car
3:50 - North
4:13 - Pine
4:50 - No smoking
5:03 - Bourbon
5:49 - Black Ice
6:17 - Pure Steel
6:49 - Leather
7:14 - Heat
7:19 - Rose Thorne
7:55 - Supernova
8:25 - Morning Fresh
9:32 - Rainshine
9:59 - Rainforest Mist
10:17 - Summer Linen
10:45 - Bayside Breeze
11:19 - Royal Pine
11:38 - Bubblegum
11:49 - Cotton Candy
12:01 - Celebrate
12:10 - Caribbean Colada
12:30 - Piña Colada
12:50 - Coconut
13:13 - Sunset Beach
14:03 - Sliced
14:19 - Strawberry
14:37 - Pie
14:47 - Green Apple
15:07 - Wild Cherry
15:29 - Peach
15:42 - Watermelon
15:50 - Cherry Blossom
16:18 - Vanillarama (no American Flag)
16:59 - Jasmine
17:15 - Lavender
17:31 - Daisy Fields
17:56 - Moroccan Mint Tea
19:15 - BlackBerry Clove
bugglesnare : I can't trust this mans judgement, he rated black ice way down on the bottom.
Calamity : I just thought of this, what if Donut Media partnered with Little Trees for a Donut Shop scent?
C. G. Phillips : A 6pack cost $7.50, so 42 of them is $315.00 not including taxes. Little trees sells a collectors box that has 40 of the fragrances for $50.00

The Story of the Little Tree Car Air Fresheners: So Fresh and So Clean

You can find them in seemingly every taxi cab in the world, and are the general go-to car air freshener. But where did they come from? Meet, Julius Samann, the inventor of ‘little trees.’


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Vulgarr the Viking : My grandmother once worked at the original factory in Watertown back in the late 40s/early 50s before she married my grandfather.
Alan Goldstein : Great story. But the footage of the Watertown sign is from Watertown, Mass., not Watertown, N.Y. Watertown, N.Y., was founded in 1805, incorporated as a village in 1816, and incorporated as a city in 1859.
Michael B : Recently saw one in a tour bus in Isla Roatan. Brought back memories of home.
David : Suggestion: Instead of these cheap fragrances, when you replace your cabin filter, spray it with your favorite high-quality cologne, Chanel, Dior, Dolce-Gabana or whatever....
pamlj : I'm sure someone can relate to me when I say that seeing those ornaments in a car makes me feel sick.

Mike Love - Ten Little Herb Trees (Live Acoustic) | Sugarshack Sessions

Mike Love - Ten Little Herb Trees (Live Acoustic) | Sugarshack Sessions
Mike Love from Oahu, Hawai'i performing his original song “Ten Little Herb Trees” live at the Sugarshack in Bonita Springs, FL. Episode 584

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Director: Eddie Kopp
Director of Photography: Justin Kaczmarek
Cameras: Eddie Kopp /Justin Kaczmarek / Arian Antonucci / Spencer Paterson
Audio: Alex Casement of Sugarshack Recording Studio
Editor: Eddie Kopp
Colorist: Justin Kaczmarek
Thumbnail Image: @nuebekphotographers

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#sugarshacksessions #acousticsessions #livemusic
Matt Leaf : Mike Love's brief Sugarshack outro is better than 90% of people's entire albums. Fight me.
Slats Strong : There is no such thing as a bad mood anymore because of you big brother.. It means so much to me.. Thank you so much for being you /and your music.. It hits me hard bud..
Irish Rooster : Mike Love is my favorite!! Truly a genuine hit you in the soul reggae musician especially live. He’s an incredible person full of positive vibes. I wish I could have a Mike Love concert everyday. The world needs more peace love and happiness.
DMT 420 : I don't answer to the police I answer to the most high!
Bob Costas : I love mike love. In terms of love, actually love. Gotten me through many hard days. Much love brudda


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