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HMS Royal Oak

On the night of Friday 13th October 1939 German U Boat Commander Gunther Prien penetrated the British Navy’s main anchorage at Scapa Flow and sank HMS Royal Oak. 833 men lost their lives in one of the worst tragedies in British Naval history.\rThe wreck of HMS Royal Oak is a designated war grave and all diving is prohibited but a special permission was granted by the Ministry of Defence and the Royal Navy for the wreck to be filmed as a moving tribute to all those who lost their lives.\rThis video includes underwater images of the wreck which have never been seen before and there are interviews with survivors and Orcadian Sandy Robertson who was the first diver to go on the wreck the day after she sank. Also included is coverage of another unique event when the ashes of Dorothy Golding, wife of Bandsman Arthur Golding, who went down with the ship, were taken down by her grandson, Christopher Kilford, and placed in the wreck to reunite the couple once again.\rThe finale is the unfurling of a battle ensign on the upturned hull by a Royal Navy diver on the anniversary of her sinking.\rThe final credits include the names of all those who died in the tragedy.
Sternchen Stinker : Nice british Veteran with more medals than brest ^^
Glen Towler : My grandfather was meant to be on that Battleship but for some reason he had a change of posting 3 days before the sinking.
Abundant Life Fellowship : Sounds like the leaders of that ship failed their men miserably by not investigating the explosion faster and by assuming they could be under attack. They had twelve minutes to fight back but they did nothing. Tragic.
James Nicholls : 227 who didn’t like the film shame on you these men fought for your freedom and funny enough I serve my country what did the champagne guardian news paper readers who disagree
Mike Stewart : U47 was sunk later in the war

HMS ★PAR_DON (Clip Officiel)

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FLoww Audio ❤
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Maher Cazanova : Wld la famille brvoo bousselm tontej wlh
علي الجبوري : ممتاز
#اعدام_راجح : نااار

The Tragic End of HMS Barham - The Sinking of HMS Barham 1941

On the 25th of November 1941, the Royal Navy’s 1st Battle Squadron consisting of HMS Queen Elizabeth, HMS Valiant and HMS Barham along with 8 destroyers were on a hunt in the central Mediterranean looking for Italian convoys.
Also on the hunt was a German U-Boat and their paths were on a collision course. A collision that would send HMS Barham to the floor of the Mediterranean Sea along with over 800 of her crew.

HMS Barham had begun her service with the Royal Navy during World War 1 and played a role during the Battle of Jutland.

Following World War 1, HMS Barham had several refits and operated in the Atlantic Fleet and the Mediterranean Fleet during the inter-war years.

During World War 2, HMS Barham took part in the the Battle of Dakar before taking part in escort convoys in the Mediterranean.

In November of 1941, during an escort mission, HMS Barham was attacked by U Boat U-331 under the command of Hans-Diedrich von Tiesenhausen.

The attack caused a huge explosion in her magazine and rapidly sank, killing over 800 men.
Svetozar Zegarac : Why capital navy ships are not shielded with 4 small ships aruod big ship. 2 small shipe on left side and 2 smal ships on right side. Coming torpedo will hit small ship but not big ship
Johan Frode : Thank you for adding both measurements, feet and meters. So many forgets this.
Jean Scriven : My uncles, twins James and William Littleford, died on the HMS Barnham. Heartbreaking to see the footage.
Philip Croft : There was a strange mystery about this terrible incident. dramatised on TV, about 10 years ago. It concerned a woman who, as a famous psychic during the War, claimed she knew about HMS Barham, having been sunk, Long BEFORE, anyone else knew, outside the Admiralty or government.or, any official announcement was made. The Police cooked up a case of fraud against her, to defame her and shut her up. She always claimed her power's were real and predictions accurate, to the end.
Kirk Gemmill : I met a gent in 1988 in Ruchill Glasgow resplendent in his Blazer going to their annual reunion. I had my "Jaws" moment in the Bus when he said it was the Barnham.
"You were on the Barnham????"
After a 10 minute chat I got up to leave and asked " What was the Bang like"
He turned his head to reveal a hearing aid.
He pointed and said" it was on that side" !
Privileged to say the least. See that clip somewhere almost every year




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