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Cowon D2 Overview

Hands-On Product Guide of Cowon D2 PMP
Dartec : Excellent & enjoyable. Thank you.
indoful : HIS NAILS!!! AHHH!
Great dap, i think i'll buy one. add it to my collection. Even though i already have ipod classic, ipod video, and 2 sansa clips lol.
And it supports sdhc!!!!!!!
ASAFYY : can any one tell me what do i need to do to make the d2 recognise shortcut files?

i have 8gb card and i have music in it so i took it and put it on the d2 2gb i have and i have put it in the folder as shortcuts but the d2 cant recognise them
karel-marc van loock : what is different on the "+" compared to this one ?
Tokufreak004 : Ok, noob question, but how can I make that a picture like the CD cover shows during playing the song, instead of the Cowon D2 icon that I got?

COWON D2 Battery Replacement

Cracking open this bad little DAP and showing how to replace the Battery
Mel : Thank you for this great tutorial! With your help, I was able to change the battery in my D2, and it went swimmingly! btw, I found that by opening the port cover next to the headphone jack, it was easy to get the flat-head screwdriver under the back cover and pop it off. Question: I bought the same exact replacement battery that you have, and I was wondering if they come fully charged? It's showing me 3 bars. Do you know how to properly dispose of the old battery? Thank you for your help! :)
Johannes Theurer : Thank you so much!!! Your video made me dare to replace the battery and it worked quite well - after solving some troubles with rusty screws. Even the battery fits nicely (@Matanumi). Wonderful!!
alfredo leiser : excellent video, thank you for the very good tutorial. now i wil be able to change my battery, because were i live there is nobody to do it. thank's again
Joseph Honnoll : Thank you! you can look up online on how to dispose of the battery
Ekaterina Klimovich : Hi!
How many pins at plum of display?

Cowon Plenue D2 Super Review - POWERFUL Audio

Many audio players have tried to challenge my humble Sony Walkman, and many have fallen. At least for my preferences. But Cowon's Plenue D2 is off to a good start, with massive battery life. Let's unbox it and see if the D2 stands up.

See the Cowon Plenue D2 on Amazon:

FYI: I may get commissions for purchases made through links in this post.

Disclosure: This video is NOT sponsored, but Cowon did send this player to me for free. Check them out at

Music by Birocratic. Check him out on Soundcloud:

#CowonDAP #PlenueD2 #DAP
motorb1tch : love cowon D series players. got this one for many years now and i love it. software takes some time to get used to and the biggest issue i have with it that it does not support bookmarks (unlike previous cowons i owned). in any case, its a really nice player and well thought through. i love the fact that i can controll it blind via physical buttons without taking it out of my pocket all the time.
Hugo Alarcon : I have it, and I am happy with my Cowon Plenue D2, a very compact device, the size of a pack of cigarettes, but which has an autonomy of 30 hours in hi-res audio and 50 hours in 328kbps mp3. It supports DSD files in addition to all known formats. Its body is made of premium materials with metal on the upper part, isometric cut. A Dap that has an internal memory of 64GB and a slot for microSD memory of up to 128GB. No tidal, no Spotify, no bluethoot. It's a Beautiful Dap that updates your music library every time you turn it on automatically. A cool!
ActionHank : I get that it's packing a lot of horsepower for pushing high end can and IEMs, but I'm sorry for over $300 you'd think they'd put a better screen/UI in it as well. When the market is full of these players now, it's small things like these that will steer me towards another brand that can provide. I'm even willing to sacrifice a tiny bit of battery life if it means that the UI is cleaner, faster and more responsive.
Paul Tomaszewski : Cowon's UI has been their biggest issue for years. But the sound quality and battery have been their best qualities. The previous D model had 32GB of internal memory and claimed 90 hours of battery life. This is up to 64gb and added balanced out. Battery at 45 hours is still better than 90% of the DAP's out now. My Cayin N3 is about 12 hours, my Hiby R3 is about 10 to 11 hours. Had the old Cowon X7, was $300.00 back in 2010. It did do more, music, video, pictures, FM radio, calculator, and few more things. Habd about 45 hours of battery life, was supporting FLAC and other lossless formats back then, and had a 160gb hard drive. It suffered from the weird UI as well.
Just Another Retard : it was a really nice and informative review, as usual. Also props for explaining and showing various UI features! i think when people are deciding for a dap, the UI plays a very big role. But unfortunately, not a lot of reviewers do focus on the UI


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